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Here is a link to a recent column I wrote for the local papers and our website on the financial stewardship of the district. In it, I’m expressing thankfulness for the sound financial situation I’ve inherited here as superintendent – and a little history of state/local funding challenges faced by the district over the past decade:

State Champs – As predicted!

PHS AcaDec TrophyI’m even prouder to follow-up on my previous post with regard to Academic Decathlon.   Pearland  High School is newly crowned as the state champion This is, in my opinion, the highest honor bestowed on Pearland ISD students this school year – since it reflects incredibly hard work combined with advanced academic knowledge in a very wide variety of areas.

I render special tribute to Robert Layne, the high school teacher who leads our Academic Decathlon efforts. In the latest honor accompanying this fine teacher, he has been selected as the Academic Decathlon Coach of the Year here in Texas.  His Academic Decathlon teams have won two state championships, placed fifth in State twice and placed 2nd and 5th in national competition.  All of this has happened in the last 4 years.   He is an inspiration to all educators!