My last blog entry chronicled some of the many people who did extraordinary work here in Pearland during and after the most devastating flood in U.S. history.  Now, I’ll share the personal perspective of just one family.  The father is a Technology Technician in our school district.  The Mom is an elementary teacher in our district.  She just wrote me the following email:

Dr. Kelly,

 I just want to take a short minute of your time and let you know what the Dawson students and staff did for my family’s neighborhood.

 Last Friday a group of students and staff from Dawson came to our house to help. My husband, Tim, works at Dawson in technology. He had received a call Thursday saying that they were coming. Tim told them that we already had a crew from our church coming, but he was told the Dawson crew was coming anyway. 🙂  One of the coaches arrived around 8:00 am and did not leave until my husband left around 7:00 pm. I think there were around 6 or 7 others from Dawson who came to help, including students. Tim said one student came in, walked over to him, said, “Thank you for being a teacher,” picked up a trash bag and started working. There are no words to describe what either of us were feeling at that moment. Absolutely no words. As I am typing this, I am still getting teary eyed thinking about it.

 Later that morning, as we were walking in and out of the house carrying things, I saw a school bus pull up and out came a bus load of students. I didn’t know who they were, but Tim knew as he looked at them that they were Dawson students. The students walked toward our house and asked if they could help. At that point in time there was no more room for any more help in our house, so I asked if they wouldn’t mind helping others down our street. They all shook their heads and started walking, stopping as they came to a house. Small group by small group these students disappeared into houses and were seen carrying trash bags out, carrying possessions and furniture out. They were seen honestly working up a sweat. And not a single one of them looked like they minded a little sweat. 🙂

 I wish I had been able to take pictures of the faces of the house owner’s. It is hard to explain their expressions. A few words that I can think of are amazed, grateful, overwhelmed and astonished. To see their smiles made my heart sing.

 Later that afternoon as I was driving to run an errand, I passed a church parking lot and saw not only the school bus that dropped the students off on my street, but THREE school buses parked in that parking lot. THREE buses! I was late told that there were about 150 students and staff that came out to help.

 I wish I could tell you in words what I feel when I think about those kids and adults from Dawson. To know that, yes, a few of them knew Tim, but the majority of the kids were there because they knew that their community needed help is indescribable. To know that these students took time away from their families to help total strangers because they were in need, there are no words.

 As an employee of this district, it makes me so very proud to be a part of this school community. To see, in action, what these students are being brought up to be and to do. Not only to be academically successful, but to be a successful citizen and member of their own community. To be a caring and compassionate adult and human being. To see that if there is a need that they can act on it. As a member of this community, on the receiving end of this help, it makes me cry with gratitude. It makes me want to take pictures and videos and post them on all the social media that I can to show that THIS is what the world should be.  To show that THESE students are making a difference in the world. To let everyone know that there is hope and faith in the younger generations and that what we need to do is to support them and tell them how much we appreciate them and how proud of them we are!

 Thank you letting me share with you this amazing experience we had with the students from Dawson High School. Thank you for letting me take a minute to give them a huge shout out and let you know just how awesome the staff and students from Dawson are!!

 DruEllen Duncan, Fourth Grade Teacher, Massey Ranch Elementary School

From Dr. Kelly:  In the midst and in the aftermath of the storm, stories like this abound in Pearland.  For example, the same outreach efforts were made by the PHS students, led by teachers and coaches, who helped man the shelter at that school in addition to work in the community.  We are blessed to live here in Pearland!

1 Response to “GRATITUDE: PART 2”

  1. 1 Tabitha December 6, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    I would love to thank everyone in the Pearland area for helping my family during the flood. Pearland ISD came together as a Family. I will be forever grateful for everyone that helped us wether it be gift cards, clothes, or free meals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    #Pearland Strong#
    The Brandenburger Family

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